The time for Harry to start Larkins had come and gone and Harry looked very smart in his new unifrom. 



With Harry at school, Kendra found she had her days back to herself. She considered going back to be a legal secretary but the hours just didn’t fit in with school and so she found herself looking round to see what she could do instead.


One morning whilst she flicked through the paper she spotted an advert for a teaching assistant at Larkins, the hours were perfect and so she applied immediately. It was a job she would never had thought of doing before and maybe it wouldn’t have occurred to her if it wasn’t that her own children now went there. Both Timothy and Harry were thriving at Larkins and it would be so convenient.  She applied and at the interview she out shone all the other applicants and was offered the job.

She was thrilled and looked forward to starting but with some misgivings. The job itself was fine but Kendra was worried about the dogs being left alone all day by themselves or specifically one dog. Fudge was now a very old dog and hadn’t been to well recently and Kendra worried about leaving her. Kendra didn’t mention her worries about Fudge, but just talked to Ernest about her worry of all the dogs being left alone all day in the house. Kendra didn’t want to worry Ernest, he seemed not to have noticed how old his faithful companion had become and she didn’t want him to start fretting if there was no need. He seemed convinced that the dogs would be fine in the day and so it was settled that she would take the job.


She found it was exhausting being on her feet most of the day, but it was also very rewarding work. She was glad she wasn’t in either Timothy’s or Harry’s class, she didn’t want to embarrass them although she liked seeing them around the school.  She had loved being home with her children when they were small and hadn’t begrudged the time at all. However it felt good to be out meeting people and doing something independent of her family. She knew that she could do this until the kids were a bit older and go back to being a legal secretary or if she decided she really enjoyed it she could perhaps think about becoming a teacher. It felt good to have options, but for now she was content to be an assistant and put the rest of her energy into being a wife and a mother.