Time was passing quickly and Ernest and Kendra had some decisions to make. Timothy was a growing lad and was reaching the age where he went to secondary school, there were two choices in their neighbourhood. The public school was called Tymen Bannet and the private school was Larkins school for boys. Larkins had the better grades but required a selection process to be gone through, as the school had their pick of the students.




Timothy was more than bright enough to meet their standards and after filling in loads of forms Kendra decided to invite the Headmaster round for dinner, she reasoned that Ernest’s cooking, their beautiful house and her winning smile would get Timothy in for sure. 

Mr Jones, Larkins’ headmaster arrived on time at 5pm. Kendra met him at the door and invited him in, she had dressed up for the occasion, as had all the household.




The smell of cooking was wafting in from the kitchen, where Ernest was working hard to produce a masterpiece and the house had been cleaned from top to bottom. Kendra invited Mr Jones on a little tour and showed off the house and it was obvious that he was impressed. She also told him all about their restaurant, she found out to her delight that he had eaten there and been impressed with both the food and level of service he had received. The evening was going fully to plan.



The highlight of the evening was the Lobster Thermidor, Ernest had been lovingly preparing in the kitchen and Kendra was impressed it was full of flavour. Kendra had been a bit puzzled as to where Harry was as he wasn’t at the dinner table but was later informed by Ernest that whilst cooking he hadn’t been keeping his eye on Harry as much as he would normally and so Harry had covered his little suit in dog food, much to his obvious delight. Ernest didn’t have time to clean him up and find another suit so after a quick clean he put him to bed hoping to clean him properly once the headmaster had left. As Mr Jones never knew this the evening went perfectly and Kendra wasn’t at all surprised when he told them that Timothy would be very welcome at Larkins.  

Kendra and Ernest were very pleased that Timothy would be receiving a top education, but Kendra found to her surprise the news made her feel sad as well. Timothy seemed to be growing up so quickly and Harry didn’t have to long now until he started school. She was mulling this over whilst she got Harry ready for bed, where had all the time gone? It wasn’t just the children who were looking older but her and Ernest were also starting to show their age.




She had spotted a few grey hairs in both hers and Ernest’s hair and if her face was anything to go by she had been finding things very amusing lately. These were depressing thoughts though, so she turned her mind from her wrinkles onto happier thoughts. Once Harry started school she could go back to work, she wanted to get a job as a legal secretary again, she had enjoyed it before she had had Timothy and it would be good to be using her brain again. 

Timothy was nervous at the thought of his new school, Anne wouldn’t be going so he would have to make a whole load of new friends. Secretly Kendra thought this would do him the world of good, she believed he relied to much on Anne and it would be better he learnt sooner rather than later to stand on is own two feet. She knew with Vyn living so close he would probably see Anne most weekends if not most evenings as well. When the day came for Timothy to start his new school he was very nervous but he didn’t have time to dawdle as he needed to catch a bus to Larkins. Larkins was some distance from where they lived and it was just too far to walk. Kendra looked him over all dressed up in his uniform and couldn’t help but let a few tears escape as she saw her little baby all dressed up and looking so grown up.




When she came back from the bus stop she hugged Harry tight, glad he was still with her and did her best to enjoy him with all her might knowing it would be his turn soon.