The days after Shane’s death past like a blur to Vyn, Ernest and Kendra were on hand to help with all the arrangements for the funeral and make sure that Anne and Matthew were cared for. Kendra offered Vyn and her family a home at the Wintersmith house for a while and Vyn gratefully accepted. She didn’t want to face her house just yet, there were so many memories of her and Shane there.  It was painful enough to go and pick up the stuff they would need whilst they stayed with Ernest and Kendra.  She knew she would need to face it all one day but for now it was all too painful to deal with. 

At their new home Vyn was often very quiet, sometimes Kendra left her alone to think, she knew that Vyn needed time to take it all in and grieve for what she had lost.




She also made sure Vyn didn’t spend all her time alone thinking, but would try and get her interested in the things going on around her, like Matthew who was becoming quite a handful. Anne was also much quieter and Matthew although he didn’t completely understand what had happening was fretful; he could sense the tension and sadness around him. 

Kendra even managed to convince Vyn to go on a days shopping with her. Vyn wasn’t that keen on shopping but Kendra had looked so excited and a day out sounded good. They left a slightly anxious looking Ernest with the children for the day and went into town together. Vyn had more fun than she thought she would, Kendra got her to try on all sorts of clothes she never would have tried on and she even found herself laughing at one point at how she looked, but then she remembered Shane and stopped suddenly.




After that she seemed to Kendra to be subdued and Kendra gave up on trying to find her new clothes and suggested a bite to eat instead. When they had chosen their food and sat down Kendra looked penetratingly at her and said “Its okay to enjoy yourself you know, he wouldn’t want you to be sad forever.” Vyn replied “It just seemed wrong somehow to laugh without him here. I know it sounds silly.” She paused for a minute to collect her thoughts then continued “It still hurts so much even when I laugh it’s like there is a huge weight on my heart I can’t lift off.” Vyn sighed into her coffee and looked up with a faint smile “It was good to get out of the house though, thank you.” Kendra smiled widely back at her, happy that the day out had done some good. 

Up till now Vyn had stayed home to look after her children, but now she would need to find a job to support them. She started work as an assistant in an office, it wasnt the job she would have chosen for herself but it fitted in well with school hours.




As there was only another year before Matthew and Harry started school Kendra readily offered to look after Matthew in the day whilst Vyn worked, she was already at home with Harry so it made sense.   

Slowly weeks past, followed by months. After being with Ernest and Kendra about two months Vyn announced one Saturday morning that she wanted to go home. “I have been here too long” she said “You and Ernest have been ever so kind but I have to face it some time and although the memories will be painful I don’t want to forget Shane, he has been so important in my life.” Kendra smiled “I understand, but you are always welcome here, I hope you know that.” Vyn hugged her tightly “I am glad we got to know each other and it’s good to see our children getting on so well.”



Vyn and the children moved out the next Saturday with the help of Ernest and Kendra. That night just before she went to bed Vyn couldn’t help but cry, surrounded by familiar things and in their house with Shane not there and wasn’t the only one, Anne was also shedding tears in the next room.




Back at the Wintersmith house Kendra was thinking of Vyn and wishing there was something they could do to help but she knew the best healer was time, there was no instant fix it. She sighed to herself and then looked round at her family. Death she decided was a good reminder to enjoy those around you whilst you still could and with that thought she went to collect her family to play a game together.