Timothy settled into school over the next few months and started to enjoy and even look forward to going each day. He made a few new friends, but Anne was his best friend and they spent lots of weekends playing together.




Over the next few years both Anne and Timothy excelled in school and seemed to provide friendly competition to each other which meant they gave their very best in all they did at school.



One day when Kendra was at home the phone rang. The day had started like any other and she had been playing with Harry on his play mat when the phone rang. She had picked it up vaguely wondering whether it would be someone trying to sell her a new kitchen, before she heard the familiar voice on the phone, but not their familiar tone. Five minutes later she was placing Harry in the car seat and driving to the school, her mind reeling at what she had just heard.


She parked up and putting Harry in his pushchair, [ushed him across the playground. A wave of nostalgia washed over her, she suddenly had a vision of herself and her friends with a skipping rope, holding an end each whilst a third girl skipped in the middle of it. They were singing a tune, how did it go again? She couldn’t quite remember but she had been happy not a care in the world, how cruel when such innocent happy times are snatched away for one still so young. 

After inquiring at the front desk she was lead to the relevant class room and the teacher came out to talk to her. She explained her errand and Anne was sent out to her. “You need to come with me Anne, I need to take you to the hospital.” “What’s happened?” said Anne innocently. “It’s not my place to say honey, it’s not far. We shall be there soon enough.” When they arrived Kendra took her upstairs to ward 11 and as they arrived they saw Vyn coming out a room with her eyes brimming with tears.


Anne saw her mum’s face and a horrible leaden feeling materialised over her heart. Vyn saw Anne and hugged her and Kendra realised they needed time alone. She hugged Vyn quickly and said “Call me if you need me, anytime okay? I will take Matthew now and he can stay at ours for as long as is needed” Vyn smiled a weak smile and Kendra left them alone. 


Vyn led them to a chair and dissolved into more sobs. Anne sat staring her feet, she wanted her mum to speak but she was also afraid of what her mum was going to say and so she sat in terrified suspense until Vyn spoke “Your daddy was hit by a car when he popped out to get a sandwich at lunchtime, the driver was going too fast and the doctors have done everything they can but it wasn’t enough.” Anne looked disbelieving at her mum and said “No, he can’t be, I wanna see Daddy, they must be able to do something.”


Vyn took her and held her tight. “There wasn’t anything that could be done.” Anne with tears freely streaming down her face said “I wanna see Daddy.” Vyn debated what would be the best thing to do but Anne seemed determined not to believe it until she saw him and in the end she relented. As soon as Anne touched her daddy and felt how cold he was she burst into tears and laid her head on him until Vyn decided it was best to take her outside. 

At the Wintersmith household Kendra was informing Ernest and Timothy what had happened and both of them sat in shocked silence until Kendra looked at Timothy and said “Anne is going to need a good friend right now.”






Timothy looked almost frightened and answered “But what do I say to her? I won’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything at all, just be there for her that’s all, it’s going to be a hard time for that family.” She sat thinking to herself for a few minutes and then she said out loud “You best get on with your homework I need to speak to you Dad.” As Timothy let the room Kendra began. “I thought I might ask Vyn to come and stay here for a while with Anne and Matthew, its not like we don’t have the room and I can imagine she wont want to go back to her house straight away, what do you think?” he replied “Um yeah sure, if you think that’s best.” Then all of a sudden he stood up and took Kendra in his arms and held her tight.





“I really love you, you know? You are so precious to me I am not sure what I would do without you” Kendra smiled and caressed Ernests cheek “I love you too” she replied. Ernest continued, “Poor Vyn, Its kind of you to think of inviting her to stay, she has done so much for me, it would be good to be able to give something back, I just wish it didn’t have to be under these circumstances.”