Kendra wrapped up Harry and placed him lovingly in the pushchair.


It was a cold day in autumn and she didn’t want him catching a chill. Time had indeed passed swiftly in the Wintersmith household and today was a big day; Timothy was starting school. Kendra stood up from wrapping up Harry and looked around trying to figure out what had happened to Timothy.

After a quick search of the house she found him in the room Ernest had built for their dogs, he was on the floor with his arm around Coco and he was speaking softly into her ear. Coco was Timothy’s favourite, she was fully grown now and Fudge was getting on in years.



Kendra heard him say “Don’t worry Coco I will be back very soon, it’s important I go to school. Don’t be scared for me, I will be okay, big boys have to go to school.” Kendra stood near the door a faint smile in her face. Timothy had heard her come into the room and lifting up his head he saw his mum standing there. Hastily wiping away his tears on his sleeve he said “Coco was worried about me going to school.” Kendra looked into the little anxious face of Timothy, she walked over and crouched down to his level and said “Poor Coco,” she patted Coco’s head and continued talking to the dog “Now Timothy will be just fine today, he is a brave lad and Anne is starting school as well.” Patting Coco’s head one more time she stood up and looking at Timothy said “Are you ready to go?” Timothy nodded and allowed her to put on his new coat and be led out the house. 

The walk to school wasn’t too long and they met Vyn and Anne on the way.


Anne was a lot different from Timothy, but they had played together since they were small and became good friends. Anne was a confident little girl and although she wasn’t sure what to expect from her first day of school she had been looking forward to going and meeting lots of other children. Timothy brightened a little to see a friendly face, especially such a happy one it made him feel that little bit less frightened. 


However when the time came for his mum to leave he was very anxious again, Kendra hated saying goodbye to Timothy, she felt cruel leaving him when he was so unhappy but she knew it was for his own good. He clung to her leg and just didn’t want to let go but she prised him off and gave him to the teacher, leaving quickly before she started to cry. She busied herself that day tidying the house from top to bottom so she didn’t wonder how her little chap was getting on. 

Kendra and Vyn were waiting together for their children at the end of their first day. Anne came out first bright eyed. She was excited babbling about all that she had done, clearly she had had a wonderful day. When Timothy came out Kendra looked him over carefully, he was quiet but Kendra could see the day had gone better than he had expected.


She knew her little boy was like his dad and would worry about new situations especially involving lots of people, but she was sure now he would be okay at school, it would just take time for him to settle in and feel comfortable. She only hoped Harry wouldn’t get so scared when his turn came.