It wasn’t long before Ernest was standing in the hospital holding his second son and yet he couldn’t be as excited as he was when Timothy was born. Harry had the same Wintersmith eyes, but Ernest was feeling so exhausted working to support his family and so it was hard to look at Harry without thinking that he was another mouth to feed.



 Kendra however was delighted, she had been hoping for a little girl, but she wasn’t disappointed with another boy. She was just very grateful that he was healthy. Kendra could see that Ernest wasn’t happy, but he didn’t share with her the reason and with a new baby and Timothy to care for she had her hands full and no time or energy to try and get Ernest to open up. Vyn gave birth a few days after Kendra to a little baby boy and named him Matthew.


Ernest sometimes came home and sat in the study for peace and quiet, the house felt so busy and his study was like his sanctuary from the outside world. One evening Kendra came in and handing him Timothy told him she was off to give Harry a bath and put him to bed. Ernest placed Timothy on the floor and found a pair of expectant eyes looking up at him. When Ernest just sat still Timothy grabbed onto his trousers and tried to pull himself upright, he didn’t succeed but he did get Ernest’s interest. Ernest reached down and took Timothy’s hands in his and pulled him upright and the little chap tried a few steps holding onto his Daddy’s hands before falling over. Ernest was now fascinated by his son.  Babies had never interested him that much, he had loved Timothy because he was his son but now watching Timothy trying to walk had him entranced. From then onwards he would seek out his little chap when he got home and see what he had learnt to do that day, he started talking to him and hearing him try and repeat words back.  Ernest had found himself a new lease of life in teaching his son, it made all the hard work worthwhile and he didn’t care anymore that he hadn’t time to take the exams to get promoted at work, there would be time for that once the kids were grown up. Kendra noticed Ernest’s increased interest in Timothy and was happy to see Ernest smiling again.






 When Ernest wasn’t trying to teach Timothy new things, he was training Fudge. Fudge had always been a very bright dog and loved Ernest dearly and was happy to please her master and learn all he wanted to teach her. She could now play dead, roll over, shake and speak on command.  Once she had learnt a trick she would do it when any person said the correct word. Kendra loved seeing the things Ernest had taught Fudge to do.fudge-rolls-over.jpg  


The pups were now fully grown dogs and their appearance had changed a lot, they were an odd mix between their mum and dad. With five fully grown dogs, Ernest had decided to get a room just for the dogs added to the house. It contained all their beds and toys that had been cluttering up the other rooms. On the whole the dogs all got on together very well and with the back garden to run they got the exercise they needed when Kendra had no time to take them for walks. The house was busy and the years seem to be flying by, Kendra did her best to make the most of the time knowing all too soon her babies would be grown up and leaving home.