As the taxi arrived, Ernest looked out on their house. He had been thinking over his life since his Dad died and how far he had come. Here he was with a family of his own now to provide for. It had been more Kendra who had longed for them to have children and he had been happy enough to go along with it, but when he had seen Timothy at the hospital and seen his own eyes staring up at him, he was suddenly glad to be a father.




Timothy had the Wintersmith eyes, the ones both Ernest’s Dad and Grandfather had had. It made a difference somehow, Ernest felt like the eye colour and the drive in business were somehow connected. He had began to view all they had built up in a different light, he had wondered if the mansion he planned would ever be completed in his lifetime, but if Timothy was a true Wintersmith he would strive to be a success and carry on adding to the house once they were gone.

Sitting in the taxi he realised that all these thoughts were going through his head and in some way it was absurd to decide all this now when the eyes that had inspired such thoughts belonged to a three day old baby boy. 

Once they had arrived home, he helped Kendra out of the taxi and she carried Timothy inside. She sunk gratefully down onto the sofa, glad to be back in her own home.  Webster came out to meet them, happy at last for some company, Ernest had hardly been home the last few days he had spent most of his time at the hospital and Webster was glad to see them back. Webster came to greet the new arrival and Kendra supervised the meeting whilst Ernest sat and watched.

As he stared at Webster it struck him, where was Fudge? Fudge was such loyal dog to Ernest and loved to greet him when he came in so it was strange she hadn’t appeared. Leaving Kendra and Webster he went off in search of his dog, with a slight fear in the back of his mind, where was she and why hadn’t she come to meet them? 


He found her in her basket looking exhausted which only worried him further. Coming closer so he could examine her he saw movement underneath her, bending down he saw straight away what the problem was. It appeared Kendra wasn’t the only new mother in the house, three little pups were suckling at Fudge. It was a bit of a shock to Ernest, he had always meant to neuter Fudge but had never quite got round to it. He was always careful with her in the park but he hadn’t thought when they brought Webster to live with them what the consequences might be. He carefully looked over the puppies, they all seemed in fine health, overnight his family of four had grown to a family of eight and the large house they lived in didn’t seem so huge anymore for their growing family.  


Kendra was thrilled when she found out and she came up with the names for them. The brown girl was named Coco, the black girl Sweep and the little smooth black boy pup was named Soot.  The next year passed quickly, before they knew it Timothy was growing into a toddler and Kendra found herself pregnant again and she wasn’t the only one, Vyn became pregnant at the same time and with their maternity leave coinciding they spent some time together.


Vyn had never really got to know Kendra, she had been so cross with Ernest she had broken off all contact and she was quite curious to know what Kendra was really like. Her husband Shane had known Kendra for a long time and seemed to think quite highly of her, which surprised Vyn, but she reflected her opinion of Kendra had always been clouded by the fact that Kednra had dated the man she loved.  When she spent time with Kendra she was pleasantly surprised, it was true Kendra spent a lot of time thinking about clothes and furniture but she seemed also to truly care for her husband and had gone into business with him even though it wasn’t what she had necessarily wanted to do. Vyn could also see that Kendra was a good mother and that she doted on Timothy.


Vyn often brought Anne round to play with Timothy and she was struck by how much Timothy looked like his dad, although she wasn’t the only one. It was hard to see Kendra in the child, he looked so like his father.  


Ernest was working hard to provide for his ever growing family and although he was looking to be promoted he couldn’t afford the time necessary to study and pass the exams needed to go up to the next level, his home life was just too busy. The pups were now up and about and were proving a handful, all three of them like their father seem to feel that peeing indoors was an acceptable practice and he was doing his best to train them out of it. If only they could have followed Fudge’s example, she had always been a model dog. Kendra wouldn’t hear of them getting rid of any of the pups; they had become too much part of the family.  Time was moving on and it was almost time for the next member of the Wintersmith family to arrive and Ernest was now feeling the strain of taking care of such a large family.