Ernest led Kendra home, sat her down and rummaging around in the loft for ten minutes produced a large folded piece of paper. He laid it out on the kitchen and a fascinated Kendra peered over his shoulder trying to discover what it was and failing asked “What is it?” Ernest replied “It is my plans for our house, I drew them ages ago, I had a sudden vision as to what it should look like.” He spent the next hour explaining it in such detail that Kendra could clearly see a picture of it in her mind and it was wonderful. “Well we don’t have the money to build all this yet but we could make a start. What do you think?” said Ernest.




Kendra with a big smile on her face flung herself round his neck, kissed him and then said “Oh it’s amazing Ernest, I love it, how clever you are!”  

Ernest got working on the house straight away and in a few months there were workmen everywhere turning their house into chaos but Kendra didn’t seem to mind, she knew the result would be worth all the annoyance. One evening after eating another takeaway as their kitchen was currently unusable they heard a knock at the door and there stood Shane Baity. Ernest invited him in, rather bemused as the man was beaming like a moron. “She had a girl! I have a daughter” he blurted out. Kendra and Ernest congratulated him warmly.




Shane had been walking past their house on his way home from the hospital and he had just had to tell someone. Shane told them that he had fixed on the name Anne for the little girl. When he had left Ernest turned to Kendra and said “It was good to see him so happy, wow Vyn a mother. It is hard to believe.” “Hopefully not too difficult as it will be our turn soon enough.” She said with a shy smile on her face. He wasn’t sure what it was that made him think this wasn’t just a mere comment but he continued to look at her questioningly and she broke into a grin and admitted “I found out today, I’m pregnant, it’s going to be our turn very soon.” 

Ernest was enjoying his new job, although it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea he found it very interesting. Some of the places he went to collect soil from were quite close to where he worked and instead of driving he would walk, he had become very fit whilst he was at university, but there now didn’t seem to be time to spend exercising and so he relished any chance to go walking. One day he met a dog on his way, it was obviously a stray but came up to Ernest and looked so imploringly at him that Ernest found himself rummaging in his pockets for anything to give it.



He managed to find some dog treats he had bought for Fudge and he gave the dog a few of them. He found the next time he went through the park that the dog seemed to recognise him and followed him for a while in the hope of more food. After a month of meeting the dog a few times a week sometimes feeding it, sometimes not, he found the dog was following him back to his work and from there to his home. It seemed as if the dog had adopted him. He spoke to Kendra about it. “I am not really sure how it happened but it has adopted me, would you mind if we kept it?” Kendra thought for a minute and decided. “No perhaps it would be good company for Fudge, especially when the baby comes I might be quite busy and she would be alone a lot of the time.” Ernest named him Webster. Unfortunately being a stray the dog had picked up bad habits and liked to roll in dirt and was apt to have little ‘accidents’ round the house but Ernest was confident the dog could be trained out of this. 

The next six months passed in a blur for the couple and finally the house was completely finished and they could enjoy the space they now had. It was huge compared to their old house and much more comfortable.  Then one evening when Ernest came home from work, Kendra was waiting for him with a bag packed, “It’s time, better call a taxi.”


At 2am the next morning Kendra gave birth to a little baby boy, Ernest named him Timothy, he had never seen anything more beautiful and as he looked at his son he saw his own eyes staring back up at him.