When Kendra awoke the next day, it took a few seconds for her to remember last night but when she did a smile came to her face. Everything was alright again. She rolled over to cuddle up to her husband only to find an empty space where he should be. Slightly troubled in case he had thought better of everything they had talked of she decided to go and find him.




She pulled herself out of bed, rubbing her eyes. Then she smelt something gorgeous, Ernest must be in the kitchen cooking. She wandered in and he smiled at her and said “Good, I was just coming to wake you, I thought we could do with a feast before we start planning our lives.” The food was delicious and they began talking through more thoroughly the topics they had touched on last night. They decided Cheryl would probably jump at the chance to manage the restaurant and Ernest would go and speak with her today. He would need to work there until a suitable replacement could be found, but he felt they could cope without Kendra if she wanted to quit straight away. Kendra was touched but was happy to work there a little longer until new staff could be acquired.  

They continued with their breakfast until Fudge’s barking announced that the paperboy had dropped the paper through the letterbox. Ernest got up and giving fudge a stroke, collected it off the door mat and opened it at the jobs page.




He instantly found what he was looking for, the local lab was looking for a soil identifier in the natural science career, He showed Kendra and she smiled trying to look enthusiastic, soil didn’t sound too exciting to her, how many different types could there be anyway? But this meant they could have children and they wouldn’t have to work at the restaurant. He then passed the paper over to her and asked her “what do you want to do?” Kendra looked confused, she hadn’t thought that far, she was sick of the restaurant and wanted children but what she would do until she got pregnant she hadn’t considered. Looking through the paper she decided in trying the legal secretary post, it sounded interesting. That decided Ernest decided a walk in the fresh air would be good, he wanted to go pop in the bank to see if they had any money they could spend renovating the house. The business had been making a fair amount of profit and with the cash prizes they won it had all built up. He had once extended the restaurant but other than that he had put all the money in the bank not bothering to count it. 

Whilst Ernest went into the bank, Kendra sat outside in the sunshine feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin. She had her eyes closed enjoying its warmth and opened them when she heard the bank door open. Ernest was staggering out looking bewildered.




Kendra was instantly alert and went over to him. “What’s wrong Ernest? What did they say?” Ernest looked blearily up and said “70,000” the disbelief radiating from his voice “I never checked how much we had in there.” Kendra looked astonished. “We have that amount of money wow, think of all the furniture we could buy!” Kendra’s face lit up in a smile and it brought Ernest out of his reverie. It was heart warming seeing Kendra looking so happy and like her old self. “I have something to show you at home and with this money I think I can start making my dream a reality.” Taking her hand he led her home.