A few days after the dinner Ernest was shopping when he ran into Vyn. She smiled and came over to him. Ernest felt quite embarrassed, he kept thinking back to what Kendra had said.  

Vyn smiled at him and indicating to all the bags she was carrying said “Hi, I am beat with all this shopping, do you have time for a coffee?”. Ernest nodded and helped her with her shopping to the coffee house.




Once they had ordered they chatted about everyday things but Vyn could see his mind was elsewhere and took pity on him. “Ok Ernest, out with it” Ernest looked up surprised and answered “What do you mean?” “Something is bothering you I can see it.” Sighing, Ernest plucked up the courage and said what he had wanted to say since he had met her shopping “Vyn, did you want me to ask you out when we were at University? Is that why you were so cross with me when I went out with Kendra?”  

Whatever Vyn had been expecting it wasn’t this and she blushed a deep red. Ernest took this as a confirmation. “Now I realise why you were so angry, I am sorry, but why didn’t you tell me? If I had known then maybe…..” Vyn looked up and caught Ernest’s eye and for a moment they wondered about how differently things could have turned out if he had realised or she had said something, but a kick from her baby brought Vyn back to reality. “What’s done is done” she said with a sigh and then continued “I am very happy with Shane, he is good to me, although I can’t really believe I am going to be a mum soon. How are you and Kendra?” Ernest replied “Fine we have been very busy with the business, it’s becoming a big success.”


“And children?” asked Vyn “They will have to wait a while until the business is more sorted.” Vyn looked appraisingly at Ernest and after a moments reflection responded “Ernest you know I was a good friend to you and in the past gave you some good advice?” 

“Of course”


She continued, “Let me give you some more advice, take your eyes off the business and put them back on your wife before you lose her.”





Ernest looked perplexed at her and Vyn sighed and took his hand “Oh Ernest she is so unhappy, anyone can see that; she desperately wants children and hates working as a waitress.” Ernest sat with his mouth open shocked at what Vyn was saying. “Are you sure?” was all he could manage to say in response. “Yes trust me, go and ask her and listen Ernest, listen to what she has to say, okay?” he nodded and Vyn got up and said goodbye. 

After Vyn had left, Ernest went for a walk round the park to think before returning home, he thought Kendra was happy and understood that they needed to get the business on a sure footing before they had children, but then from his dealings with Vyn he knew that he wasn’t good at reading people. He decided he would take Vyn’s advice and go and listen to Kendra.



When he came home Kendra was sitting on the sofa watching the TV she didn’t even look up at him, when he looked more closely at her face it looked as if she had been crying. He went over and turned the TV off. Kendra lifted her head to complain and met Ernest’s worried face staring at her with evident concern. She didn’t mean to but tears started to run down her cheeks. Ernest came over and held her whilst she was crying and she could hear him saying “I have been so blind and stupid, I didn’t notice how unhappy I was making you, I am so sorry.”  

When she had stopped crying Ernest said “How about I make us a dinner and we can discuss things over that? I promise I will listen this time.” Dinner was a success and Ernest and Kendra talked late into the night discussing their issues and getting their life back on track. They decided to start trying for children straight away and that the money that Ernest had been saving for the business should be used on the house instead. The business was doing well and would be looked after by a manager, Kendra was sick of working there and Ernest on reflection still wanted to pursue a career in science.



The couple fell asleep that night much happier than they had been in years, the future was again bright and Kendra dreamt of all the things she would buy for their baby.