The tea shop had been running for a good few years now and had been an amazing success. Kendra had been astonished as to how quickly the business took off and now the shop was unrecognisable from the little box room they had started in.



Any profit they made Ernest used to expand the premises or buy new furniture, he said it was important to help their tea shop reach its full potential and that it would end up making them a fortune. Thus their little house had stayed just that; a little house, they hadn’t added any new rooms or even bought new furniture for a few years, it wasn’t the castle Kendra had been planning when they had got married.  In fact Ernest had become a very different man since he started the business, it was like the Wintersmith blood had woken up and he had become intent on making them more and more money. He spent long hours at the shop planning extensions to the premises or new dishes to add to their menu.  

With the roaring success of their tea shop, they had employed new staff, Cleo had been the first to come and work as a hostess at the front desk, she had been happy for a while but the stagnant wages had finally pushed her to breaking point and she had laid into Ernest before quitting her job. 




Ernest had learnt an important lesson that day, he now realised he needed to take care of his staff better or his business wouldn’t flourish and he took more effort from then onwards to make sure they were happy with their working conditions. Currently they employed two people; a hostess and a second waitress to help Kendra, whilst Ernest worked away on his own in the kitchen and was just about able to fill all the food orders by himself.  

Kendra was proud of him and the success they had made of the business and yet she felt like the business was their whole life and that there wasn’t room for anything else. She was now very keen on having children, but Ernest wouldn’t hear of it, there was always some excuse for them to put it off for a little bit longer. She had tried more than once to talk to him about it but he was too engrossed in his work to give her the attention she needed. However she knew she couldn’t just leave it like it was and so desperate measures were needed to get his attention and so one morning she took the keys to the shop and hid them so he couldn’t go and open up. 

After Ernest had been looking round the house for a few minutes,he asked Kendra “Have you seen the keys?” She replied “Yes I know where they are.” He looked expectantly at her waiting for her to reveal their location and so she continued “Ernest I have hidden them, I can’t get you to sit down and have a serious conversation with me about children.” “Kendra this is hardly the time, I need to go and open the shop, the staff will be waiting for me.” Kendra sat down and felt the tears roll down her face. Seeing that she really was very upset, he softened and taking a deep breath and sat down next to her and put his arm round her. “Well you have me here now, let’s talk,” he said kindly, Kendra dried her eyes and turned to face him. “You keep telling me now isn’t the right time for us to have kids, but will there ever be a right time? You seem so engrossed in the business.” Ernest looked annoyed “The business benefits us both, don’t you want it to succeed? I thought you wanted a big house and all the luxuries money can buy, well to do that we need to work hard.”   



Kendra sighed, how could she explain it to him, he just didn’t seem to see where she was coming from. She tried again “Well you talked about getting someone to manage the place so we could be free to do other things.” Ernest cut in and said “and so we shall, when the timing is right trust me, but now my love we really need to go. We have an early delivery that will need our attendance.” And with that he smiled at her, his hand open waiting for the keys. Kendra looked into her husband’s eyes and mutely collected the keys from where she had hidden them and passed them over. She collected her things for work and walked out the house with him.  Ernest chatted on as normal about the plans he had for their business and she walked quietly besides him, he doesn’t even notice I am not answering any of his questions, she thought, he hasn’t listened to a single word I was trying to say. Kendra sighed to herself; she wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take.