With University over, Ernest turned his gaze to a place to live, he purchased some land and with his remaining money and Kendra’s savings they managed to afford a little house. It wasn’t luxurious but it was a start. Kendra had spent the time since getting engaged trying on dresses and she had found the perfect one for the big day. It was the only real expense on the wedding with money tight as it was.





The big day quickly approached and the couple became Mr and Mrs Wintersmith. It was a small affair with just a few friends coming to witness their big day. Ernest thought that Kendra looked like an angel from heaven all dressed up as she was and he was so glad that he had had the courage to go and speak with her. He did wonder at how she hadn’t turned blue in the cool winter air. There had been snow forecast for their big day, but happily this held off and there was only a light drizzle early evening.  

Not long after they had been married Ernest brought home a surprise in the form of Fudge, a chocolate Labrador. He knew Kendra got anxious when she was home alone and he thought Fudge could be a guard dog and company for her when he wasn’t there. Kendra wasn’t really a dog person but she appreciated the thought and she did feel safer with Fudge around, even if she was peacefully asleep in one corner. She was a bit aggressive to new people and they had to keep an eye on her when they had company.



After the wedding the next thing on the list was the business. Ernest enjoyed working as a chef after four years study, it felt good to work with his hands and even for him it was nice to give his brain a rest for a while.


The business seemed to be a success from the moment it arrived, there were a few hiccups, such as Ernest covering a customer in food when he slipped on the cleaned floor but generally the tea shop was looking like a very good investment indeed.





The only snag was that Kendra was wanting them to have a family, he knew that until the business was up and running and making a fair bit they didn’t have the funds to support a family, but as he couldn’t tell her how long this would take she was insistent that they didn’t leave it too late. He had managed to persuade her to wait a few years at least and see how the business was doing then.