Ernest brought Kendra to see it the next day, he hadn’t told her where they were going, he wanted to surprise her and surprised she was when they turned up at a tiny little place with a for sale sign out the front. Ernest who had the key from the estate agent, so he could look round opened the door and let her inside. Kendra walked in still confused as the why Ernest had brought her here. “What do you think?” enquired an excited Ernest.



 “I am not sure what you mean, why have your brought me here?” replied Kendra. Ernest smiled and said “What a great opportunity this is, they are not asking much for this place and it’s in a prime location. I thought we could make it ours, I had an idea we could open a little tea shop selling light lunches and cream teas. I never thought I would want a business, but something stirred within me when I saw it, it must be my Wintersmith blood. I could cook and you would make a great hostess and waitress, you are so good with people.” Ernest beamed at her. Kendra was confused, this wasn’t what she had had in mind, but she looked into his happy face and her heart softened.  

He was a Wintersmith and if he said this would work, she didn’t doubt it would make them rich, it would be quite exciting starting a business, but hard work she guessed and she hadn’t ever been one to like hard work. Yet maybe that was why Ernest would be a success because he was prepared to work ever so hard. Ernest saw her hesitating and said “We wouldn’t have to work it forever, just until its gets established then we could hire staff to run it, I still want to be a scientist and I think once this is up and running I could get a job.” Kendra looked round again and made her decision. “It sounds a great idea” she said showing more enthusiasm than she felt, “But will we have any money to buy our home if we buy this?” she asked somewhat concerned. Ernest looked at his fiancée, he knew a comfortable home was important to her and buying the shop would mean a less comfortable starting house. He replied “We can afford a home but it will be very basic, but as soon as the money starts rolling in we can add extra rooms, It won’t be forever.” He looked anxiously at her and she sighed and said “I am sure we will manage.”  

Ernest went and bought the property straight away. He planned to do some work on it and find furniture when he wasn’t studying, he didn’t want to ask Kendra to bear any of that responsibility, he felt that he was asking a lot as it was for her to forgo her comforts to give him a chance to set up in business.  toasting-at-the-new-restaurant.jpg  

The last year passed quickly Ernest was very busy studying but at last the exams came and Ernest left them feeling confident he had done well. He then turned his gaze to the shop and starting buying what they would need in the way of furniture. It wasn’t long before the results were out and it had been confirmed he had graduated with honours top of his class. To celebrate he took Kendra to the shop and cooked her meal and afterwards they sat there excitedly discussing their future together. Kendra was impressed, his cooking was very good and she started to look towards the opening of their little shop with some interest, the future seemed bright for the young couple.