Ernest had passed the third year with top marks again and had returned after the summer break ready to take on his final year. He had quit his job in readiness for this year as he knew even for him it would be tough and he wanted to graduate top in his class.  

He came back to the dormitory to find that Vyn had moved out. After asking his housemate Kerie, he found she had moved in with some of her course mates. It was a shame that she hadn’t told him, they had drifted apart over the last year and Ernest still wasn’t to sure why it had happened. She didn’t seem to like Kendra and always left the room when Kendra came to visit, in fact he had hardly saw her at all in the last term. When he had asked her if anything was wrong she had just replied “You tell me Ernest, if you can’t understand I am not going to tell you.”



He was puzzled by this, but he couldn’t work out what he had done to upset Vyn and she refused to say anymore. In the end there seemed to be nothing he could do to bridge the gap, he had lost the first friend he had ever had.

Although it was sad, having Kendra around softened the blow. One of the things that attracted Ernest to Kendra was her confident manner, Kendra wasn’t shy like he was and she had lots of friends and seem to make new friends very easily. Just being with her and watching her at work chatting to people gave him more confidence to strike up conversations with people he didn’t know too well. Through Kendra he got to know a lot of friends including quite a few who seemed to wear a Llama badge on their blazer. Ernest wondered if it had some meaning but never dared ask, however he didn’t have to wait to long to find out. His new friends dropped round one evening and as one asked him who it was walking past the house and he turned to look, they blindfolded him and tied his hands together leading him into their car.


Ernest was rather scared as they refused to answer any of his questions but on arriving at the destination he was untied and welcomed into their secret club, he was even given the special Llama blazer. He felt elated to belong to this special group which had its own house with up to date equipment and it gave him another reason to be thankful to Kendra. 

They had been together over a year now and Ernest knew she was the woman for him. Taking her out to their local park on a warm spring afternoon he got down on one knee looked into her eyes and said “Kendra my love, I can’t imagine my life without you, will you do me the honour of being my wife?” She smiled and accepted him straight away.


On the way back they had talked about their new house. Ernest had a little money to make a comfortable starting home and Kendra was dreaming of all the things they would put in it. She knew that Ernest wasn’t rich, but she was sure with the Wintersmith blood in his vains that it was only a matter of time before he made his fortune. Ernest was happy, he wanted to give Kendra all she had ever dreamed off and he knew her taste was much better than his, life after university was fast approaching and it looked just as exciting, as his years at university. 

It seemed all settled then a few days later he saw it, it was such a great business opportunity he felt he didn’t want to miss it, but now he couldn’t make the decision alone. It would mean not getting the house of Kendra’s dreams. Yet it was such a bargain they would be mad not to take it. He decided to bring Kendra their tomorrow so she could see for herself and they could make the decision together.