Ernest passed the second year with flying colours and again made it onto the Deans list, all through the summer break he had been considering Vyn’s words about romance and decided she was right, it was time he sampled it. After last year of working in the coffee shop he had the confidence boost he needed to help him start talking to some of the guys on his course and had been invited to a few parties at the beginning of the new term. He asked Vyn if she wanted to go with him to them and she had seemed delighted.





It was after one such party, they were chatting in the sitting room by themselves, when he asked Vyn “How do you tell a girl you like her?” he blushed and continued “You see there’s this girl and I want to ask her out but I am afraid she will say no and then things will be awkward”.


Vyn looked shyly back at him. “It is best to come out and tell her, or you will never know, maybe she secretly likes you too.” Ernest smiled at her “Maybe you are right Vyn.” He said and quickly afterwards changed the subject.


The next day Ernest decided it was now or never, he had to tell her how he felt even if she turned him down. He was serving coffee when she walked in and ordered an espresso. She smiled at him and sat down in the corner. Ernest decided to take his break and went over to where she was sitting.


He began “Hi I’m Ernest. I think your name’s Kendra right?” he could feel his voice shaking. She smiled in return and said “That’s right I saw you staring at me at Jason’s party.” “Um, would you like to have a coffee sometime?… with me I mean.” Ernest added the last few words after he realised that she was currently having coffee that he had served her. He wished he had phrased everything better, but with her looking at him all the things he had thought to to say to her seemed to have disappeared. “Sounds good.” She said and Ernest smiled back and turned to go.






“Don’t you want my number?” she asked “Might make it easier for us to set a date?” Ernest blushed crimson and taking down her number escaped before he made any more of a fool of himself than he already had.


Going home that night he saw Vyn in the kitchen, he waited till the other students had left and said “I am glad they have gone there was something I really wanted to tell you.” Vyn smiled shyly and waited for him to continue. “I took your advice, I asked Kendra out and she said yes!” Ernest beamed at Vyn “I wouldn’t have done it without your encouragement, you’re such a good mate.” And saying that he gave her an impromptu hug. Vyn seem to have tears in her eyes. “Are you crying?” asked Ernest concerned. “No” said Vyn wiping away her tears “Don’t be silly, I just got something in my eye. I have got to get some work done.” And with that she beat a hasty retreat. Ernest looked puzzled after her, it had been her that urged him to try romance, he thought she may have been more pleased, but women were strange, they never seemed to react as you would expect them.


As the year went on his romance with Kendra blossomed, Kendra had heard of the Wintersmith’s and the vast family fortune that was once theirs and he piqued her interest and it was that which made her accept his offer of coffee. Only Vyn who sat on the sidelines was unhappy and she found herself some new friends and Ernest saw less and less of her. He didn’t really notice it happen until one day he realised when he tried to talk to Vyn just how much distance was between them.





Still he was happy with Kendra and by the end of the third year he was starting to plan his life after university with Kendra in it.