Ernest looked round his home for the next three years, it was sparse to be sure and not the luxury he was used too. Ernest was a Wintersmith, his Grandad had been a successful businessman and amassed a large fortune. His Dad had inherited some of that talent and added to the fortune, that was until the last year of his life. It was like the Wintersmith luck had finally ran out and bad investment after bad investment meant it practically all had to be sold off. It had been too much for his Dad and he had died soon after he realised the extent of his troubles.



Now here Ernest was studying so he could earn his own living, it suited him pretty well, books had always been his passion.


He had never showed the aptitude for business that his father had and his shy nature meant that he preferred to be in the background, running the family business would not have been easy for him. Now, although he was poor and his father had gone, he felt as if weight had been lifted off his shoulders, he wouldn’t have to try and be someone he wasn’t. He could choose the kind of career that suited him and there was enough money left over to set up a simple home when he was finished. 

Ernest had chosen a maths degree as he was interested in becoming a scientist, all in all the future was quite exciting. The sounds from outside his room told him the other housemates had arrived. Ernest had chosen and been accepted to live at the Oasis dorm. It was small, only big enough for five people but even this seemed a lot to Ernest. he had never had a close friend, he was happy enough spending time alone and had grown up being used to doing this with his dad away a lot on business. Meeting so many people at once was going to be a bit of a challenge.  He would have to meet at them at some time though and there was no time like the present, so cautiously Ernest opened the door to his room and went out to meet the people he would be sharing the next three years with.